Larch’s 2011 Litter Update – 9/11/2011

We just bred our Spinone Larch over Labor Day weekend. Puppies should be due about November 5, 2011. Once again we used del Caos Kennel in Wisconsin for our stud services. Allison and Everett Schultz of Del Caos breed some phenomenal Spinoni, and just visiting their home and kennel is an amazing experience. This time we used Giglio (Giglio del Caos), a very pretty brown roan. And as for how you pronounce that Italian name of his, it is Jill-E-Oh. Giglio’s hips are OFA excellent, elbows are normal, etc. In addition to being a very healthy boy, he is goofy, very personable, totally sweet, smart, and a good hunter. Needless to say we loved this boy! We will post pictures of him shortly.

Giglio sire for Larch's 2011 Spinoni Litter

This is Giglio at nine months of age. He's a bit more grown now, but this gives you a good perspective of how pretty he actually is.

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