Ansa’s Olympians Available Pups at Eight Weeks – 6/18/2012

We are thrilled with how this litter has turned out. It is a very uniform litter; families that have come out to pick out their puppy in person have had a hard time to say the least! The puppies just started to go to their new homes today. We still have three puppies available – Martin, Robin, and Oriole. These are awesome puppies, and we are hoping they find families of their own soon. We will be out of state/out of the country for four out of five weeks starting 7/4… so if you are interested in a puppy, please contact us soon so that we can have you come out and visit before we leave our petsitters in charge.

Robin - Orange and White female 8 week old pointer.

Robin (Orange and White Girl)

More Robin

Solid orange eight week old female Pointer - available.

Oriole (Orange and White Girl)

More Oriole.

Martin orange and white boy at 8 weeks of age.

Martin (Orange and White Boy)

More Martin.

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