Ansa’s Olympian Pups at 16 Weeks – 8/13/2012

Updates as of 8/13/2012:Recently Martin went to his new home after our whirlwind trips. This leaves just two puppies from Augies most recent litter. Oriole and Robin have personalities that are as cute as they look. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please contact us.

Oriole 16 week solid orange female pointer

Oriole at 16 weeks

Oriole taking a spin around the yard.

Oriole taking a spin around the yard.

I’m not sure loves the hugs more the kids or Oriole.

More of Oriole being Oriole.

Robin a female orange and white Pointer at 16 weeks of age.

Robin at 16 weeks.

Robin found Killian pretty quick while on her run.

Our kids are pretty good at getting puppies adjusted to life with kids. Robin (and Oriole) is no exception.

Robin up close and personal.

Robin loves her hugs.

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