Claypond’s Saba

Ansa Statistics

Breed: Pointer

DOB: 5/14/2008

Breeder: Tiina Pajusalo (Clayponds in Finland)

Color: Solid Orange (also called a “Hertha Pointer”)

Color Genotype: BBee or Bbee (50% chance of either) with solid gene

Height (at withers): 24″

Weight: 47 lbs

Breeding Status: Intact

OFA Hips: Excellent

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Offspring: None

Meaning of Name: Ansa is Finnish and means “virtue” or “trap”. If you watched Ansa catch butterflies, both meanings would be somewhat fitting!

Nicknames: None yet… she’ll get some once she’s been here longer I’m sure!

Special Talents: Master butterfly pointer and catcher!

About Ansa

Ansa was born in Finland by Claypond’s Pointers and imported to the US at 8 weeks of age, along with her solid liver brother Strag, by Cumbrian Pointers. Thank you to Claypond’s for breeding this wonderful girl, and to Henry and Nancy Tuthill of Cumbrian Pointers for allowing us to have her. Cumbrian Pointers still has her very handsome solid liver brother, Claypond’s Strag. Ansa is from a dual-purpose breeding program like ours, that breeds for both hunting and conformation.

Ansa the Show Dog

Ansa likes to keep herself very thin like a fieldbred Pointer, so she will likely never be shown. It is very difficult to do well with a solid colored Pointer in the show ring regardless, but her weight will definitely not help in that department. But, she is a very correct Pointer and has some lovely characteristics that are definitely worthy of passing along… not the least of which is her solid orange color. Pointers come in a variety of colors (see our color genetics page for details) and one of our goals at Birdsboro is to make sure that all of those colors are maintained in the breed. Currently, there are only a couple Pointer kennels in the US that have solid colored Pointers.

Ansa the Birddog

Ansa has just been started on birds and so far her enthusiasm indicates that she will be a great hunting dog.

Finnish Pointer from Finland, Ansa's first bird.

Just some of the reaction to Ansa’s first bird!

Ansa only the second time she has been on birds.

I’d say she has the hang of it considering she held her point without instruction long enough to take these pictures.

Pictures of Ansa

English Pointer, breeder, puppy

Ansa as just a young pup in Finland.

Ansa Pointer close to pointing

Although there aren’t any pictures of Ansa Pointing yet, this one gives us a clue of what she will do.

Ansa at her new Pointer and Spinoni/Spinone home.

Ansa at home at Birdsboro on her first day.

Ansa’s Parents

Tasu Ansa's Pointer Dad in Finland

Tasu, Ansa’s Dad.

Tasu Ansa's Pointer Dad in Finland

He’s a handsome devil.

Pointer Ansa's Mom

Elli, Ansa’s mom.

Pointer Ansa's Mom

She’s a beautiful lady.