About The Breeds

Below Erin and I have crafted some lovely information about the breeds that we love. Erin’s information about Pointers is a little more involved than my info about Spinoni, but both are worth a good read. The Pointer coat and color page is a little technical in the area of genetics, but isn’t too bad and is very informative.

Pointer Info

If you would like some general information you can go to our aptly named  “General Information” page.

If you curious about Pointer colors and the Genetics behind them you can check out our “Pointer Coat Color Genetics” page.

Spinoni Info

Spinoni can be quite the unique breed.  Although we love them to death as do our puppy buyers that call them family members, they are not for everyone.  So we have created our “Spinoni Info” page to give you a better sense of the breed.