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We work hard to keep our website updated, but (with four young kids) it is a work in progress. For the latest information about litters, available puppies, and to stay in touch with all of our Birdsboro puppy families and friends, visit our facebook page.

If you are interested in a puppy from one of our litters (or on occasion we may have an individual dog) please contact us at 517-648-1666 or We will be happy to talk with you about our puppies. For every litter, we make our best efforts to match the best puppy to your criteria. For this reason please see the important information about our breeding program.

Puppy Pricing… Birdsboro Pointer puppies are $1200 and Spinone puppies are $1950. Forms of Payment… At Birdsboro we understand that your new family member is also an investment and that the timing of your personal finances does not always coincide with our puppy availability.  With that in mind, besides the usual forms of payment such as cash or personal check we also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Credit card payments are securely processed through the PayPal Here app and card swipe device on our mobile phones.  There is a convenience charge (of 2.7%) for using your credit card to cover the cost of PayPal charges on our side.  Thus, using a credit card is an additional $33.00 for Pointer puppies and additional $50.00 for Spinone puppies will be applied to the puppy price (or less if only a portion of the puppy cost is paid by credit card).

Planned Pointer Litters


Birdsboro Little Miss Sunshine “Olive” x Covenant Sylvan “Forest”

Puppies Available:  Yes with high interest and we have committted families for some puppies!

Birthdate: 6-22-2014

Litter Size: 10 puppies

Litter Breakdown: 1 black and white boy, 2 orange and white boys, 3 black and white girls, and 4 orange and white girls

About the Litter:

We are thrilled to announce a breeding that we have been planning for years. Birdsboro Little Miss Sunshine “Olive” (age 4) was bred to Covenant Sylvan “Forest” (age 5). Both of these dogs are sweet as can be, natural born hunters, great housedogs, love kids, etc. We do have puppies from the litter available for show, pet, and/or hunting homes. This will be Olive’s second and final litter as we only typical breed our girls once or twice. Olive’s first litter (with Andre) was so outstanding that we kept three puppies – Itty, Mooney, and Brick. This will be Forest’s one and only litter, and he is a phenomenal dog

If you have any questions or are interested in reserving a puppy please feel free to contact us at 517-648-1666, through our website, or via Facebook.

And a huge thank you to our friend Jill who allowed us to co-own Forest with her. Forest is Jill’s dog and he lives with her… but she allowed him to stay unneutered for us for a few years so that we could breed this litter. If you are interested in getting a top male from one of our litters and co-owning him with us, please let us know. This is a great way to allow us to keep more available males in our breeding program, and allow these dogs to have awesome individual families.

Puppy Pictures

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DAM: Birdsboro little miss sunshine “Olive”

Covenant Olive Twig “Brett” x Ch Marsh Run Tradewind’s Tartan “Tartan”, DOB 5/14/10

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Covenant Forty Day Rain “Sister” (Brett’s sister) x Ch Corwyn’s Torch JH “Torch”, DOB 5/9/09


We plan to breed Birdsboro Anika “Neva” to Birdsboro Mr Jones “Stache” in the Spring 2015.  We expect black and white, orange and white, solid black, and solid orange puppies… with a 50% change that we will also get lemon and white, liver and white, solid lemon, and solid liver puppies.  Due to the variation of colors expected, try to be as flexible as possible in your preferences.  Both parents are fabulous pets and hunters, as well as gorgeous.  This should be a lovely litter all around.

Planned Spinone Litters

OUR 2014 SPINONE Litter

We plan to have a Spinone litter in the Fall 2014 out of our girl Rye, with puppies ready to go home Winter 2014.  Historically, our annual Spinoni litter timing has meant puppies have been ready to go home around Christmas.  We anticipate both brown roan and white/orange and white puppies, but only time will tell.  Please contact us if you are interested in a Spinone puppy.  Also, look at Reed, an older puppy/young dog we have available.

Single Dogs Available to Awesome Families


BIRDBORO guess how much I love you “Mooney”

Mooney (DOB 11/7/2012) is from our Storybook Litter. He follows in the footsteps of his Grandpa Boone and Daddy Andre in having a hilarious sense of humor, and is a very loyal boy. I love that he has orange on an entire side of his muzzle, which is a pretty unique marking. He also has a heart on his bum! We recently did a preliminary hip radiograph (x-ray) and his hips look Fair/Good. Mooney is available for a pet or pet/hunting home.

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Maude (DOB 3/21/13) is from our Africa theme litter, named in honor of our adopted Ghanaian sons who came home in April 2013. Yaba is the name given to Ghanaian girls born on a Thursday. Maude is a mini-me of her mom (August/Augie), who we adore. She has a ton of patches, which is uncommon in orange and white Pointers. She has a fabulous personality. Maude would also be an awesome hunting buddy or show dog if you were interested.

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birdsboro Giotto “Reed”

Reed was the pick of our litter from our 2013 Spinone litter (Birdsboro Rye “Rye” x Just Treo del Caos “Treo”, DOB 9/8/13).  We had planned to keep a female from the litter, but the litter consisted of seven boys (and no girls). The litter was so nice, we decided to hold onto Reed. He is a fabulous boy, but we realize for our future breeding program, it would make more sense for us to keep a female. We would love to keep Reed in our breeding program if his family would be willing to keep him unneutered until he was 3-4 years old, but that is not a requirement. Reed would make a great hunting buddy or show dog if that was desired.  Both of his parents hunt, including swimming and retrieving. 

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