About Us


Birdsboro is a Pointer and Spinone breeding program based in Tecumseh, Michigan. The people of Birdsboro include Erin Horan DVM (a veterinarian), Kyle Turner (an ecologist turned farmer), and our five awesome kids. We live on a farm we call Thaddeus Acres. In addition to our Pointers and Spinone, we have KuneKune Pigs, a couple Jersey cows, Nubian goats, Saxony ducks, Pilgrim geese, a couple Livestock Guardian dogs, and many breeds of chickens. We are only a kennel in the sense that we have a breeding program; all of our dogs are house dogs and we consider them to be our family. Further, our dogs are simply a wonderful hobby – we do not profit financially from them. Birdsboro lines have a solid foundation on well-known dual-purpose (field and show) kennels. Birdsboro is committed to producing dogs that are sound in health, temperament, and structure with the potential to succeed in conformation and the field, and, above all, be beloved companions.