About Us


Birdsboro is a Pointer and Spinone breeding program based in Tecumseh, Michigan (which is 35 minutes from Ann Arbor). The people of Birdsboro include Erin Horan DVM (a veterinarian), Kyle Turner (an ecologist turned farmer), and our six awesome kids. We live on our farm, Thaddeus Acres. In addition to our Pointers and Spinoni, we have Kune Kune Pigs, Jersey and Dexter cows, Nubian goats, a couple Livestock Guardian dogs (Karakachans), Saxony ducks, Pilgrim geese, and many breeds of chickens.

Birdsboro lines have a solid foundation on well-known dual-purpose (field and show) kennels. Birdsboro is committed to producing dogs that are sound in health, temperament, and structure with the potential to succeed in conformation and the field, and, above all, be beloved companions.

We are only a kennel in the sense that we have a breeding program; all of our dogs are house dogs and we consider them to be our family. Our female dogs are only bred one or two times typically (on just a couple of occasions, we have bred a girl a third time for various reasons). And sometimes, for various reasons, our girls (and boys) have not been bred at all (and we still love them just as much). After our dogs are done in our breeding program, they are spayed and kept in our family. It is unusual for us to place an adult dog because we are highly attached to them, and they are used to our lifestyle. We will place an occasional adult dog in an exceptional home only if we have a request from a family, we have a dog that would fit well in their family, and we think it would be better for that dog.

For Pointers and Spinoni, it is very important that they have a lot of human interaction, as well as plenty of exercise. Neither breed are good choices for kennel dogs. Our dogs have a beautiful hilly area with mature trees that is over an acre to run and play in, that attaches via a dog door so they can come into their huge all seasons room throughout the day as they please. We spend a lot of time in the dog yard and all seasons room. Our dogs are not only great with us (including all of our kids), but are also a very socially appropriate “pack”. We only separate our dogs when a girl is in heat, and then we rotate the girls in heat with our boys. At meals and overnight, they are all in individual crates in our finished basement. We couldn’t have this lifestyle if our dogs didn’t have such amazing temperaments.

Further, our dogs are simply a wonderful hobby – we do not profit financially from them. Trust me, if you heard what we spend annually on dog food and veterinary expenses, you would be astonished. But, our dogs are worth it to us.

It is important to note that pre-kids, we used to be very active in conformation (the show ring), hunt tests, and going to the national.  Our Pointers are very correct to standard and are great hunters, and did very well in these venues. Erin also has experience in obedience, tracking, and agility with her first dog (a Beagle). We also ran a huge Pointer rescue program and placed over 700 dogs in a ten year period. However, due to having many young children (and our farm), we are currently not showing our dogs in conformation or hunting events at this time. But we do have a six acre hunting training area in the works for them! For our family, we believe at this time it is more important to focus our time and limited financial resources on raising our children – by having a stay at home parent (which the dogs also benefit hugely from), homeschooling our children, letting them spend time in nature climbing trees and swimming and being kids, teaching them about life on our farm, coaching their soccer teams, etc. We may restart competitive showing and hunting in the future if it is an interest for our children. For this reason, we are happy to place our top puppies in awesome performance and show homes.