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Birdsboro is a Pointer and Spinone breeding program based in Tecumseh, Michigan. The people of Birdsboro include Erin Horan DVM (a veterinarian), Kyle Turner (an ecologist turned farmer), and our five awesome kids. We live on a farm we call Thaddeus Acres. In addition to our Pointers and Spinone, we have KuneKune Pigs, a couple Jersey cows, Nubian goats, Saxony ducks, Pilgrim geese, a couple Livestock Guardian dogs, and many breeds of chickens. We are only a kennel in the sense that we have a breeding program; all of our dogs are house dogs and we consider them to be our family. Further, our dogs are simply a wonderful hobby – we do not profit financially from them. Birdsboro lines have a solid foundation on well-known dual-purpose (field and show) kennels. Birdsboro is committed to producing dogs that are sound in health, temperament, and structure with the potential to succeed in conformation and the field, and, above all, be beloved companions.

Birdsboro Pointers and Spinoni
Birdsboro Pointers and Spinoni
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About Our Logo

You may or may not be wondering about our logo. Why is it, that we have English and Italian dogs with such a Celtic inspired logo and site? If you read the about pages on us you will see that the breeds we have just fit right with our lifestyle. As for the Celtic part, well this is what we can tell you, it reflects our heritage and the way we look at things here at Birdsboro. Both Erin and I have a heavy Celtic heritage and much of our lineages herald from Ireland and/or Scotland and that is reflected in our logo. The knotwork in our logo can be found throughout Celtic culture. Although, neither Erin or I claim to be experts in Celtic culture we do know that circle knots symbolize a shield or protection and the triangles represent an interconnectedness amongst things in this world; such as the interconnectedness of humans to their natural environment. We at Birdsboro feel strongly about protecting and conserving the one world that we humans have. In fact the main reason we hunt (when we get the chance) is because or birddogs evolved with humans to hunt birds. But, in order to hunt, we must have a healthy ecosystem. So our logo means much more than just an expression of our heritage. It’s who we are and what we do.

The People Behind Birdsboro

We have lots of pictures of us, but they are not always that good, so here are some of the good ones.

From left to right Erin and Kyle in Edinburgh, Scotland, Dublin and Bray, Ireland and at home with our daughter Killian riding Brody. Pointer, spinone, spinoni, litters, puppies

From left to right Erin and Kyle in Edinburgh, Scotland, Dublin and Bray, Ireland and at home with our daughter Killian riding Brody.

Just some more pictures of the crew.

Just some more pictures of the crew.