Sucha’s Return To Scanpoint
Maya at seven years of age.

Maya at seven years of age.

Maya’s Statistics

DOB: 07/23/1997

Breeder: Joyce Blakley (Sucha)

Color: Black and White

Color Genotype: BbEe

Height (at withers): 23.5″

Weight: 52 lbs

Breeding Status: Spayed

OFA Hips: Excellent

Click here for Maya’s Pedigree

Offspring: Birdsboro Tom Sawyer JH and Birdsboro Huck Finn

Meaning of Name: Maya means “mother”, which is quite appropriate

Nicknames: Holstein, Stinky (she likes to roll in some putrid things in the woods)

Special Talents: Best snuggler, stuffed animal protector and collector

Maya was given to me by Karin Ashe and Monica Broomfield shortly before she turned six years old so that I could breed her to Boone. Maya has got to be the sweetest, friendliest Pointer I’ve met. Maya loves everyone that she meets immediately. When I first got her, she used to give everyone she met in the woods a hug. So, every time I saw a person, I would call her to prevent her from jumping on them. Well, after a few times of that, Maya decided that every time she saw a person, she would run back to me and hug me. She stills does that to this day, but if we have a conversation with anyone, she watches to see if they will let her give them a hug. Maya is just about the perfect dog, and probably her only fault is that she just loves too much. Sometimes her hugs and cuddling are not exactly convenient when you are trying to get something done or just have a little breathing room on a hot day.

Maya is also the most active and young looking eight-year-old dog I have met. On walks, we routinely get asked how old our puppy is. Maya loves to run in the woods. At home, she likes to collect stuffed animals. She usually has at least a dozen in her crate.

Maya the Show Dog and Birddog

Maya has never been in the ring as a show dog. However, she has many exemplary Pointer traits that she has passed along to her offspring. Maya also has a phenomenal hunting pattern in the field, but due to her late introduction to birds, is not interested in them. Like her conformation, she has passed along her innate hunting ability to both of her boys.

Pictures of Maya

This heads for lovin'.

This heads for lovin

Maya at Lake Chauncy in Massachusetts

Maya at Lake Chauncy in Massachusetts

Maya at Lake Chauncy in the snow.  She typically doesn't like the cold.

Maya at Lake Chauncy in Massachusetts. She typically doesn't like the cold

Maya enjoys lounging around the house especially if there are people involved.

Maya enjoys lounging around the house especially if there are people involved.

Maya loves her son.

Maya loves her son.

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