Individual Dogs

We only very occasionally list specific Individual Dogs looking for families. These dogs are typically exceptional puppies that we retained for our breeding program, but decided later to place them in their own families. They may also be older puppies/young adults that we just never found the perfect family for when they were young puppies. And occasionally we have a dog that we placed that is returned to us, and in need of a new family.

We are very attached to our dogs and consider them to be family members that we will care for until the very end. However, we realize we have a lot of dogs… and if an exceptional family was interested in an adult dog, there are a few dogs that we would consider placing. These dogs would be spayed/neutered and typically middle-aged (age 4-7) Pointers that we think would love to be spoiled in a smaller family. All of our dogs are house trained, crate trained, and wonderful with kids. Some are cat friendly (others would rather point them). Some have had hunting training and would love to be your hunting buddy. Pointers typically live to be 12-14 years old, so these dogs still have a lot of life left ahead of them. If you would like to be considered to be matched with one of our adult Pointers, please let us know.


Birdsboro Guess How Much I Love You “Mooney” (from our Storybook Litter)

Mooney has been matched with a wonderful family… another veterinarian in Michigan!

Mooney (DOB 11/7/2012) is from our Storybook Litter. He follows in the footsteps of his Grandpa Boone and Daddy Andre in having a hilarious sense of humor, and is a very loyal boy. I love that he has orange on an entire side of his muzzle, which is a pretty unique marking. He also has a heart on his bum! We did a preliminary hip radiograph (x-ray) and his hips look Good. We have his brother (Brick) and sister (Itty) in our breeding program, and so don’t need to use him as well. Mooney is available for a pet or pet/hunting home.

Mooney had to undergo an emergency eye enucleation (removal) and we want him to be completely healthy before he is ready for his own family.  If you are looking for a wonderful one-eyed Pointer (our kids call him a pirate dog), please let us know!  He is a total sweetheart.

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