Planned Pointer Litter – Maude x Verso, due April 1, 2018

Birdsboro Yaba “Maude” x Franzini Verso JH “Verso”

Verso is an Italian import that comes from one of the top kennels in Europe. His kennel is known for their remarkable heads in particular. Verso has a beautiful, but moderate dish face so will be a good fit with our breeding program. Maude is tightly linebred on our Birdsboro lines (her parents are Birdsboro Counting Crows “August/Augie” and Birdsboro Good Will Hunting “Will”), which is great as we know that her genes are sound in temperament, confirmation (looks), and hunting ability. However, we are careful not to breed dogs too closely genetically, so were looking for an outcross breeding for her. Our goal was to choose a Pointer from an unrelated line that had the same wonderful traits our breeding dogs have. Verso’s owner contacted us about our breeding program, and we knew immediately that this pedigree would be a perfect match for Verso. We have been planning this litter for some time, and are beyond excited. Verso has already produced some very nice puppies. As is true of all of our breedings, both parents are magnificent pets (good with kids, cats, other dogs, etc) and hunters. Verso has OFA good hips, normal elbows, normal eyes, and thyroid. Maude is also healthy and her hip radiographs appear good/excellent (they were not submitted to OFA for review since she was less than two years old when they were taken). Maude had a HUGE litter of 12 puppies. Due to the large litter size, we ended up needing to take her in for a c-section, and fortunately 10 of the puppies survived and mom did great. Because of this, this will be Maude’s second and final litter. We typically only breed our girls once or twice at Birdsboro.

Maude is in heat as of late January 2018, and we are expecting an early February breeding with puppies due early April.  As far as colors, we expect 50% black and white and 50% orange and white… but as can be seen from our previous litters, we have been surprised before.  Both parents are heavily marked, and each parent has had one litter with heavily marked puppies (see Maude’s picture below)… so we are hoping for some heavy markings in the litter, but there will likely be a lot of variation.  Maude had 12 puppies in her first litter, so we are expecting a litter of 6-12.

We currently have room available on our puppy list for this litter. Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy.

Pictures of the dam, Birdsboro Yaba “Maude”:

Maude with her first litter…


There are more pictures of Maude on her Facebook album.

Pictures of the sire, Franizi Verso JH “Verso” (Italian Import):


Verso’s Pedigree