Planned Pointer Litter – Due June 21, 2017

Birdsboro Katmai “Zetta” x Birdsboro Aquaman “Abe”/Birdsboro Erik the Red “Nils”

NOTE: This is our first ever dual sired breeding! We intentionally used two different, but equally amazing sires… with the hopes of one incredible litter. The litter may have one sire, or puppies may come from either sire. We will be doing DNA of the three parents and all of the puppies. All puppies will be AKC registered. There will be no additional cost to the families, only to Birdsboro. The reasons we chose two sires are a bit complicated, but we are more than happy to explain it if you have any questions.

All three of the parents of this litter are homebred Birdsboro Pointers. All are healthy, beautiful representatives of the breed, with awesome temperaments. Nils (pronounced just like the name Neil with an S on the end) has OFA Excellent hips. Abe is under two years old, so his preliminary hip radiographs look good, but cannot be submitted to OFA until he is two years old. Zetta’s preliminary hip radiographs were done at less than two years old, so we will be submitting new films to OFA after the puppies are weaned. This will be Zetta’s first litter.

Puppies are due June 21, 2017 (Summer Solstice, and the day before Zetta’s third birthday). We expect 25% each of black and white, solid black, solid orange, and orange and white… but as can be seen from our previous litters, we have been surprised before.

We have half a dozen families who have been patiently waiting for puppies. However we typically have large litters at Birdsboro, so still have room for a couple families on are waiting list. Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy.

Pictures of the dam, Birdsboro Katmai “Zetta”:

There are more pictures of Zetta on her Facebook album.

Pictures of Birdsboro Aquaman “Abe”:

 Abe at 7 weeks of age

Abe at 4 months of age

Abe at one year of age… just running like he loves.  We will get new stacked pictures of this handsome boy soon.

There are more pictures of Abe on his Facebook album.

Pictures of Birdsboro Erik the Red “Nils”:

There are more pictures of Nils on his Facebook album.