Planned Pointer Litter – Loka x Andre, due April 13 2018

Birdsboro Umber “Loka” x Birdsboro Modest Mouse “Andre”

Andre is a nearly 10 year old boy who we bred, who exemplifies the breeding program at Birdsboro.  He is a compact, sound, muscular boy with a personality to die for.  Andre is 25 1/2″ tall at the shoulders and 65 lbs.

His father, Ch Scanpoint’s JH “Boone” was our first Pointer, and an absolutely amazing specimen of the breed – in conformation, hunting ability, health, and temperament.  Boone was a once in a lifetime dog, and Andre is his mini-me.  Boone lived to be 13 1/2 years old.  Andre’s mother, Covenant Olive Twig “Brett”, is nearly 12 years old and in great health.  Andre and his entire litter are still alive and have been quite healthy. Andre was bred once previously, and produced a lovely litter (the Storybook Litter), which included Birdsboro Madeline “Itty” and Birdsboro Ferdinand “Brick”.  Thus, Andre is the grandfather of Birdsboro Aquaman “Abe”.  We know this line forwards and backwards, and have been so pleased with the consistency in it.

Loka is our solid liver girl, who is a granddaughter of Claypond’s Saba “Ansa”, our Scandinavian import.  Loka is 55 lbs.  Ansa is still the picture of health at nearly 10 years old.  The other side of her pedigree is made up of Birdsboro dogs, as well as another well known dual Pointer kennel.  Loka’s mother is Birdsboro Anika “Neva” and her father is Birdsboro Mr Jones “Stache”.

Andre has OFA good hips and has never been ill a day in his life. Loka is also healthy and her hip radiographs appear good/excellent (they were not submitted to OFA for review since she was less than two years old when they were taken).  This will be Loka’s first litter.

Loka has been bred and is due April 13, 2018.  As far as colors, we will most likely get 25% each of solid black, solid orange, black and white, and orange and white.  There is a 50% chance that Andre carries for liver and lemon (since his father did), and in that case we would get 12.5% each of all eight Pointer colors.  But, we have learned from experience that until they are born, you just never know what you are going to get.  

We currently have room available on our puppy list for this litter. Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy.

Birdsboro Umber “Loka” (dam):

Baby Loka

Loka at 20 months


Loka at 20 months with one of our children… she is one week younger than him!

There are more pictures of Loka on her Facebook album.

Pictures of the sire, Birdsboro Modest Mouse “Andre”:

There are more pictures of Andre on his Facebook album.