Bray at 10 months of age.

Bray at 10 months of age.

Bray Statistics

Breed: Beagle (13″)

DOB: Approximately 5/15/2006

Breeder: Acquired through Rescue

Color: Tricolor

Weight: 16 lbs

Breeding Status: Spayed

Offspring: None

Meaning of Name: Bray is the beach south of Dublin, Ireland where Kyle proposed to Erin. We got Bray from a rescue group in South Bend, Indiana and, being Notre Dame country, they had named her Irish. We picked her based on her personality and looks… but the name Irish was an added bonus.

Nicknames: Robin (since her friend Arnold is Batman) and one of the Midgets

Special Talents: Singing of course! She is actually a fairly quiet Beagle most of the time though. She can also dance. And, if allowed, she will happily wash your entire face! Bray actually fetches too (pretty unusual for a Beagle).

About Bray

We got Bray a week after loosing our beloved Beagle, Hopkins, who had gone through so much with me. Much to our amazement, we both missed having a Beagle in the household! Okay, well maybe Erin missed having a Beagle a little more than Kyle (he is trying to make me promise that Bray will be our last Beagle). I had intended for Arnold to be our future little dog for after Hopkins passed away. I figured if we got one little dog about every 10 years, we’d also have one in the house. But, I thought Hopper had a few more good years in her, as she hadn’t shown any signs of being old. However, Hopkins sucumbed to cancer about three weeks after we got Arnold. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of owning a Beagle, here’s the short of it… they inhale their food and always think they are going to starve (the mentality arises from how they are fed in packs), they bay (make that lovely, loud “aroooh” noise) often when you want some quiet time, they are very clever and can find their way in or out of anything (but being brilliant, they can also learn anything for food), they follow their nose more than their people, and they are incredibly sweet and loving and constantly make you laugh. We got Bray from a rescue group in Indiana. In my sadness of loosing Hopper, I spent hours looking at Beagle faces on It was a sort of therapy for me. But, none of them seemed good enough to be the heir to the throne of Hopkins, who is one of the coolest dogs I have ever known. And, then I stumbled onto Bray (then named “Irish”). Everything about her, even her name, seemed to make sense. She looked like a mini-Hopkins, except that she had those big Beagle ears instead of the small triangular Pointer-like ones that Hopper had. And so, the following weekend, we went to meet her and brought her home. Bray and Arnold are about the same age, and fit together like peas and carrots. They love the big dogs, but adore having each other to snuggle and play with the way only little dogs can.

A couple funny anecdotes about Bray:

One time we let all of the dogs in the house from outside, and Bray didn’t come in. I heard this desperate woo woo like she was stuck. It took me a few minutes to realize that Bray had somehow gotten about five feet up in our pine tree and was stuck!

Another great Bray story is the time I was in our back field and I heard this awful screaming, and I could see it tracking through the whole back yard. Finally, I saw a Beagle tail and called Bray. She came up to me and spit out a perfectly unharmed (but terrified) baby bunny. I put Bray away inside. And then realized that if there was one bunny, there were probably more. Well, how to find them (before we let our other dogs out and they found them and unintentionally hurt them). I got Bray out on a leash, and she took me to their nest. Every time her nose went down, I searched for babies… but they were wedged under the grass so I couldn’t see them or find them. I figured out the best way to get them was to let Bray pick them up and give them to me. She retrieved six baby bunnies, all unharmed. We took them to a local wildlife rehabber since I couldn’t logistically find a way to keep our dogs out of the middle of our back field. Bray is such a sweetie, a friend even to bunnies.

Pictures of Bray

Bray loves her toys and playing.

Bray loves her toys and playing.

Although she loves her toys she loves other dogs more.

Although she loves her toys she loves other dogs more.